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    Securix Multiple Solution also has highly experienced representatives who execute work with International Standards.

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Securix Multiple Solution meet the growing demand for a reliable contractor offering quality service at competitive rates. Through continual growth the company now provides design, supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Protection &Detection Systems.



Experienced in a wide range of applications, Securix Multiple Solution can offer fire protection systems for a wide range of applications to data centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Power plants, Steel Plants, Industries, Resedential/Comercial Complexes etc. Water mist systems range from single head integral pump units covering chip fryers to multi-thousand head, pump driven systems, designed to protect hotels, office buildings, cruise ships and large data storage centers. Designing the complete system which will be (1). Easy to install which will reduce the installation time (2). Minimize the Material requirement which will reduce project cost. (3). Depend on International Norms like NBC, NFPA etc. which is acceptable all over the world. After designing providing with detail Bill of Material with detail material specification with its Standards & Makes.


After Care

Once a system has been installed, Securix Multiple Solution continue their excellent service by offering maintenance contracts. Without regular servicing and preventative maintenance, any fire suppression system will deteriorate in operational efficiency and possibly not work at all - leading to potentially disastrous consequences. We work for a large range of customers who demand very high standards and levels of safety awareness. We extend our services through "Highly Qualified Professional such as Fire & Safety Engineers" in practice with National (As per N.B.C.I-2005) & International (As per N.F.P.A, IOSH, NEBOSH) Standards.

We are certified and registered with:

  • 1. Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services
    • A Licensed Agency of "Maharashtra Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures".
    • L. No - MFS - LA/0001/F O265
  • 2. PAN NO. : AVGPM8660H
  • 3. VAT NO.: 27561012805V
  • 4. CST NO: 27561012805C
  • 6. Professional Tax No: 99932090296P